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Looking for a property to rent?

Web Admin - Thursday, May 28, 2015

Please check our site often! We currently manage over 250 properties locally and are constantly adding new property listings. Let us know what your needs are; price, bedrooms/bath, and location. When we get a new property that matches your criteria we can contact you!

Colder Weather will be here before we know it! Remember to winterize your vacant property!

Rett Harmon - Monday, September 24, 2012

Here in Georgia we have hot summers and cold winters.  Its not uncommon in the fall and winter to have weeks of mild 50 degree days then a cold front comes through and we have a week or freezing. Winterization is a must for all vacant properties that we have under management during potential freezing temperatures.  The process is simple, affordable and can prevent thousands of dollars of water damage due to frozen, busted pipes.  

Building a Strong Relationship with Your Property Owners.

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011

While operating a property management company, a manager must always keep in mind the most important relationship to cultivate is the one with their owners. This is sometimes difficult because you will always have more tenants than owners, and will have to invest a larger portion of your time dealing with tenant related issues.  There are a few elements that are key to a good owner manager relationship.

First spend some time and get to know each individual owner.  The most important thing to learn is why they trust their property to your company.  Sometimes owners are investors just looking at the bottom line other owners want to know their home is well taken care so they can move back in someday. This will allow you to personalize reports and communications with each owner.

Another way to build a strong relationship with your owners is to take time to call and email owner and remind them of how much work you are doing pertaining to their property thereby creating value as a property manager. Make owners aware of work orders that come in work you do collecting rent and the screening process used to find a good tenant.

Benefits of an Internet Based Property Management Software Software

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011

Using an internet based property management software system can help you, your tenants, and your property owners.  The system we use allows us to log in and see what’s going on with all or our properties simultaneously and each of our properties individually.  Everyone one that works with us has access to update rent payments, upcoming properties, available units and work orders.  This ensures that everyone has up to date information on every single property and our entire portfolio can be evaluated at any given time.

The software also helps our tenants because they are able to log into their tenant portal and a payment processor.  The tenant portal has a copy of their lease and all of their account information.  This gives them the ability to see exactly what’s going on with their account at all times and make payments.  This also cuts down on a lot of our call volume from our tenants and allows us to go out and lease more units.

The software helps the owners through their owner’s portal.  They can log into their owners portal see when their tenants paid, a copy of their management agreement and track work orders and invoices.  This allows them to track everything online and adds a tremendous value to what we do as a property management company.

Using Move In Specials to Increase Occupancy

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011
Promotional rent rates should be used only in times of high vacancy in larger multi-unit properties. This is how it works. By offering a significantly discounted rental price for the first month, you can quickly fill properties with high vacancy rates. Now, the property owner must be prepared for the decreased potential cash flow in the short-term but if vacancy is an issue it should be considered as an option. We recently had a 50 unit property with 12 vacancies that we were having a hard time filling. We made a drastic reduction in the first month’s rent and now have a waiting list for units.  There are two very important considerations you have to make when doing a move in special. One the owner has to be aware that there will be decreased revenue for each lease for one month.  The next and most important consideration to make is move in specials will attract tenants who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford your property.  This means every tenant must be thoroughly screened and income verified prior to signing a lease.

Keys to a Good Management Agreement

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011

- Explain in detail spending guidelines, limits, and approvals during repair and renovation process to get the property prepared to lease.

-Explain the tenant procurement process in great detail from how their property will be marketed, how each potential tenant will be screened, and how the move in procedure will be handled.

- Clearly explain the service call process.  Walk them through a typical call from the tenant call-in all the way through paying the vendor for that service.  Go through this twice just to be clear.  Remember handling services issues is a valuable service to property owners.

- Make sure each owner understands how the money flows through your business system.  Explaining how security deposits are held, how the tenants pay, how expenses are paid, when they get their money, and how they receive it will help avoid he future misunderstandings.

Do You Know...........

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011
Do you know.....that we offer some really cool incentives to renters on many of our properties? Do you know.....that some of these incentives are so cool we wouldn't dare advertise them? Do you know....that if you call our office at 404.210.7701 we'll tell you and only you all about these cool incentives? Call today and get in the know.

Home for the Holidays

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011

We take pride in the extra steps we take everyday to ensure we deliver the BEST service in town. Join our family and experience the Duffey Leasing Difference today. Just give us a call 404.210.7701. We're here to help.

Happy Holidays from Duffey Leasing and Management

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011

This time of year is filled with the magic of compassion, hope, and love.  It's a time we are filled with gratitude for the things we do have and a time to progress towards the things we do not.  Happy Holidays to ALL from your family at Duffey Leasing and Management.

Do you have a friend or relative that can't sell their home?

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011
We offer an alternative solution to giving your home away in the current market condition. Its tough trying to compete with the foreclosure listings. Let our full service property management turn a financial burden into cash flow! We lease homes to highly qualified tenants!

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