Benefits of an Internet Based Property Management Software Software

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011

Using an internet based property management software system can help you, your tenants, and your property owners.  The system we use allows us to log in and see what’s going on with all or our properties simultaneously and each of our properties individually.  Everyone one that works with us has access to update rent payments, upcoming properties, available units and work orders.  This ensures that everyone has up to date information on every single property and our entire portfolio can be evaluated at any given time.

The software also helps our tenants because they are able to log into their tenant portal and a payment processor.  The tenant portal has a copy of their lease and all of their account information.  This gives them the ability to see exactly what’s going on with their account at all times and make payments.  This also cuts down on a lot of our call volume from our tenants and allows us to go out and lease more units.

The software helps the owners through their owner’s portal.  They can log into their owners portal see when their tenants paid, a copy of their management agreement and track work orders and invoices.  This allows them to track everything online and adds a tremendous value to what we do as a property management company.