Building a Strong Relationship with Your Property Owners.

Rett Harmon - Thursday, November 10, 2011

While operating a property management company, a manager must always keep in mind the most important relationship to cultivate is the one with their owners. This is sometimes difficult because you will always have more tenants than owners, and will have to invest a larger portion of your time dealing with tenant related issues.  There are a few elements that are key to a good owner manager relationship.

First spend some time and get to know each individual owner.  The most important thing to learn is why they trust their property to your company.  Sometimes owners are investors just looking at the bottom line other owners want to know their home is well taken care so they can move back in someday. This will allow you to personalize reports and communications with each owner.

Another way to build a strong relationship with your owners is to take time to call and email owner and remind them of how much work you are doing pertaining to their property thereby creating value as a property manager. Make owners aware of work orders that come in work you do collecting rent and the screening process used to find a good tenant.